In addition to directing commercials and documentary films, I have been involved in theatre my entire adult life and music all of my life. I've done over 100 theatre productions and countless musical performances. Directing, acting and writing....I love it all.




If I had thought I could make a living doing live theatre, I would have done it in a heartbeat.
I've always loved performing but feel that I do a better job at directing.  I've mostly done
musical theatre and definitely lean toward anything that includes some comedy.
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Original Musicals

Even though I've done a lot of writing related to my film & video career, it's my writing for theater productions that has brought me the greatest satisfaction. I'm not normally nervous about performing, but after spending a year writing a musical play, the first fifteen minutes of opening night can be terrifying. Once the audience starts laughing, it's the greatest feeling in the world!
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There are times when I wish that I had chosen one musical instrument and concentrated on learning it as best I could. Those moments don't last very long, because I know how much fun I've had being average on a lot of different instruments.
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