I've loved performing music since I was in elementary school. There are times when I wish that I had chosen one musical instrument and concentrated on learning it as best I could. Those moments don't last very long, because I know how much fun I've had being average on a lot of different instruments.
Pickers 07Wide 3The Dill Pickers have been together since 1999.  Even though a lot of our performing has been in theatre productions, we've always been playing and singing.  Every show we've done requires the cast to also be the band.
Without ever announcing that we were going to do music gigs, we started getting invitations to play at storytelling festivals, churches, weddings, school functions and various other events. We cover a wide variety of genres....bluegrass, gospel, acapella, old standards and, of course, comedy.


One of the trademarks of the group is that we constantly swap instruments. That may not be the best way to master a musical instrument but it sure is fun!





Music Samples from The Dill Pickers


PLAY Wedding on Sand Mountain

PLAY Light of My Life

PLAY Jimmy Don't Play the Blues

PLAY Love Is A Strange, Strange Thing

PLAY Music In Our Bones

PLAY Christmas Carolin' Christmas

PLAY Christmastime Travelin' Man

PLAY Christmas on Sand Mountain


Music Samples from Sand Mountain Saturday Nite, Wedding on Sand Mountain & Christmas on Sand Mountain
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