If I had thought I could make a living doing live theatre, I would have done it in a heartbeat. I've always loved performing but feel that I do a better job at directing. I've mostly done musical theatre and definitely lean toward anything that includes some comedy.

Patsy 6

Always, Patsy Cline

The musical based on Patsy Cline's career
and her unlikely friendship with one of
her fans. Celeste Burham's comic timing
kept the audience laughing. Emily Herring's
vocals blew the roof off of the theatre.
Directed for the Virginia Samford Theatre.

9to5 2

9 to 5

Based on the 1980 Dolly Parton
movie of the same name, this musical is a
satire featuring three female secretaries
who take revenge on their sexist boss. The
show features music written by Dolly, which
makes it an immediate crowd pleaser.
Directed for the Virginia Samford Theatre.




Buddy:  The Musical

The story of the legendary Buddy Holly.
Jared Mancusso, from NYC, played the lead
and the rest of the cast was filled by equally
talented local actor/musicians. This show rocked
everyone from teenagers to babyboomers.
Directed for the Virginia Samford Theatre.


Smoke on the Mountain

This show requires the cast to also be the
band. The production in 1999 was the first
of many string band shows done by our group
which eventually became the Dill Pickers. We
did several productions of Smoke and also
it's sequel, Sanders Family Christmas.
This show was produced by The Dill Pickers.