Directing for the screen is radically different from directing for the stage. I love both. The camera offers directors more control over  the viewer’s experience. Through lens selection and framing we determine precisely what the viewer will be seeing. That’s not always possible in theater productions. The camera makes it possible for us to be much more intimate with our viewers.   Commercial production has not only been a livelihood for me, but also a training ground for other film projects.



    For over 30 years I have produced, directed and filmed high end commercials for clients all over the country. Some are humorous.  Many are documentary in style.  I view all of them as mini-movies with stories to be told.
    commercial portfolio


    After producing commercials for many years, I wanted to have some projects of my own.  I also
    wanted to be able to tell stories that last more than 30 or 60 seconds.  By producing documentary
    projects myself, I'm faced with the challenge of creating work that lives or dies by the choices I make.
    Documentaries have been a great creative outlet for me.
    film excerpts


    Producing web content is becoming a larger portion of my work.  Much of this work is
    produced exclusively for the web.  From a standpoint of quality, my approach to this work is the
    same as it is for commercials and documentaries.  After years of being tied to standard broadcast
    lengths, it's nice to have work that allows more time for storytelling.
    web videos