Producing web content is becoming a larger portion of my work. Much of this work is produced exclusively for the web. From a standpoint of quality, my approach to this work is the same as it is for commercials and documentaries. After years of being tied to standard broadcast lengths, it's nice to have work that allows more time for storytelling.


 UAB Medicine - Tornado

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.30.11 AM

In April, 2011, a massive, category five tornado devasted areas surrounding Birmingham.  This is the story of that day at the UAB Emergency Department. The challenge we were given was to recreate the mood and activity in the UAB Emergency Department on the day of the historic tornado. We did this through interviews, a small amount of reinactment and footage we shot of the teams involved in actual trauma cases.




University of Alabama Libraries


The University of Alabama Library received an amazing gift. A private collection, the A.S. Williams III Americana Collection, was given to the library with the understanding that it would be maintained and made available to students and researchers. A new, secure section of the library was dedicated to this collection which includes books, photographs, maps and other objects. The collection includes first editions of many books, one of a kind photographs and personal letters and signed documents from each American president. We produced four videos introducing the collection to the public.




Bonnie Plants


We traveled the country interviewing gardeners for Bonnie Plants, the national company that provides plants for customers in all of the 48 continental states.  Gardeners told us about their techniques and shared there personal secrets for success in their gardens.  We saw all kinds of gardens from large rural gardens to tiny patio gardens. Added note....the next summer I grew the best tomatoes I've ever had.





Samford University

Samford 2

Samford University is a private school in Birmingham, AL. A master architectural plan for the campus was made in the 1950s and, because the plan has been followed precisely, Samford has one of the most beautiful campuses in the South. This is an excerpt from "The Promise", a promotional film we produced for the university.